Master’s Program Timeline

OTM Program approved by Georgia Board of Regents 8/20/2014
5/19/2015 ACOTE received Letter of Intent
Prof. Carolyn Podolski hired as Academic Fieldwork Coordinator 8/1/2015
8/27/2015 Chair of OT Program accepted position
Received approval from ACOTE for May Candidacy Submission Cycle 9/16/2015
1/1/2016 Dr. Kinsuk Maitra started as Chair of OT Program
OTM Program submitted Candidacy Application to ACOTE 5/16/16

August 2016

ACOTE granted Candidacy status
Date for Student Application submission

08/15/2016 – 10/24/2016


Date for Notification of Student Acceptance into the Program
First class started 01/09/2017



Initial Report of Self-Study due to ACOTE
ACOTE Pre-Accreditation decision

April 2018

April  – July 2018 Initial ACOTE On-Site Evaluation
 First Class to begin Level II Fieldwork June 2018
August 2018 ACOTE Accreditation decision
First Class to graduate

December 2018


NBCOT National Certification Exam